Zipline project won’t solve all health sector problems – Dr Oko-Boye

Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku constituency, Dr. Bernard Oko-Boye, has conceded the use of drones to deliver essential medical supplies across the country will not solve all the challenges in the health sector.

The government contracted US firm, Zipline in a $ 12.5 million dollar deal to distribute blood and essential medical supplies to various health facilities in the country, a project whose test run on Tuesday was successful.

Speaking on TV3’s New Day Wednesday, ahead of the official launch of the project, Dr. Oko-Boye observed the project will only deal with some specific challenges in the health sector.

“Let’s bear in mind, this is not supposed to solve logistical challenges or replace existing arrangements,” he cautioned.

The Ledzokuku MP also said, time is of essence in healthcare delivery, noting that, blood which would have taken the New Tafo health facility about 2 hours to acquire was acquired in less than 10 minutes using the drone technology.

Former vice chairperson of the Convention People’s Party(CPP), Rhodalin Imoro-Ayana, however, observed that while government is praising a successful test run of the Zipline project, it should be mindful of two surgical theaters which she claims are not functional.

She suggested the project is a misplaced priority.

“New Tafo had two theatres not working. For me, getting a fridge that can store blood is even better,” she said.

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