UNF appeals for immediate unity of Nkrumaist political parties

The United Nkrumaist Front (UNF), a pressure group comprising some concerned members of Nkrumaist political parties in the Brong-Ahafo Region have appealed for the immediate unity of the Nkrumaist political family.

The group made the appeal in a press statement signed by Mr. Collins Kyere, its Secretary and copied the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Monday.

The statement expressed concern about the disintegration of the Nkrumaist tradition and questioned why they had kept too long to unite?.

It noted that the leadership of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), the Peoples National Convention (PNC), the Great Consolidated Peoples Party (GCPP) and the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) always fail to enter into unity talks.

It asked about what was hindering the unity agenda and wondered if it was a result of the seemingly selfish interest the leadership of the above-mentioned political parties are seeking or what?

It wanted to know the way forward and if there was the need to continue discussing the symbol, which would not take any of them anywhere.

Please Comrades we cannot mark time for us to lose everything we have as Nkrumaist, we must be proud of our tradition and respect it as such, the statement added.

It announced that the UNF had already started the unity talks again at the constituency and regional levels since uniting first is our priority.

Comrades we cannot sit down for the Nkrumah -Egala-Limann heritage to go into oblivion. This is the time to act and act positively to restore the legacy to make the tradition attractive again, the statement said.

It recalled before the commencement of the third republic in 1979 that, the CPP was disintegrated but was metamorphosed into the Peoples National Party (PNP) through the combined efforts of the late Imoro Egala, Krobo Adusei and others.

With palm the tree as the PNP symbol, those leaders by dint of unity, hard work and effective political strategies made the PNP formidable and appealing to the electorate and consequently attained political power in 1979, it said.

This is a clear indication that names and symbols do not in themselves win elections but with unity we can succeed, the statement emphasised.

It noted since the advent of the fourth republic in 1992 to date, the Nkrumaist parties had not made any significant impact in any general election.

This is because our Nkrumaist parties have continued to go down in percentage wise” and that is the resultant effect of the disunity that had weakened the individual parties in terms of numbers, the statement pointed out.

We the members of the group shall not rest until our aim is achieved, the statement said and reminded the respective Nkrumaist political parties leadership about the need to take seriously our concerns to unite the Nkrumaist family.

It is not too late to amend, we can unite for the tradition to be a very strong political force and attractive again to the good people of Ghana, it concluded.


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