Water is life, a basic necessity that everyone ought to have to survive but for the people of Tromeso a farming Community in the Wenchi Municipality of Brong Ahafo Region it’s a scarce commodity.

Residents have to fight each other daily to fetch potable water from the only mechanised borehole pump which is not adequate to supply the entire community.

For them access to potable water is a challenge, particularly during the harmattan season and over two thousand (2000) residents rely on only one mechanised borehole.

The situation has currently put pressure on the only mechanised borehole facility in the community.

They form long queues every morning to fetch water from the borehole which result in fighting and using of abusive languages among themselves.

Students and Teachers also have to form long queues to fetch water from the borehole before going to school and according to some of residents who spoke to Koowaa Meadi said it affects teaching and learning in the in the community as well as education is concern.

The Assemblyman for the electoral area Honorable Richard Yeboah says the Wenchi Municipal Assembly has considered the situation and the arrangement of providing potable water to the community in its budget.

Honorable Richard Yeboah again noted that he has initiated his own way to supply the community with water from Wenchi the Municipal capital.

He therefore appealed to the government and other philanthropists to assist the community with many mechanised boreholes to able to solve the shortage of potable water at Community.

Story by Kwame Baffoe Agyekum

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