A/R:SMEs Urged to take advantage of T4SD

A/R:SMEs Urged to take advantage of T4SD

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the Ghana Export Promotion Authority,
Mr Samuel Dentu,
has urged Exporters and other interested collaborators in the SME sector to take advantage of the opportunity of the presence of the T4SD Hub at GEPA to ensure that natural resources are protected.

Speaking at the launch of the Trade for Sustainable Development Hub in kumasi,he said,the hub will give opportunity to players in the SME sector to join the collective action that was being taken to achieve the sustainable development goal (SDG) 12 on tackling climate change.

He said,the Trade for sustainable development (T4SD)hub,is being implemented in five other countries and it will focused on the use of modern technology in the value chain to ensure sustainable use of national resources.

“hub is expected to equip SMEs Operating in areas such as cocoa processing, Shea butter production,
fruits and vegetation processing, Cashew processing, as well as Arts and Crafts with a one-stop shop information and strategies on international trade” he said.

He noted that,the hub will hlep SMEs to adop sustainable practices to make their products meet the standards of the international market.

The Chief Sustainability and inclusive valve chain officer at ITC,Ms Vanessa Erogbogbo explained that, the selected SMEs would benefit from a coaching programme,online training on resource efficiency, progress monitoring and access to finance facilities.

Source : Koowaa.com/Antwi Boasiako

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