ASEPA through this release wishes to communicate to the media and it’s ardent supporters the decision to join the Inter Party Coalition for National Sovereignty as one of the many civil society groups solidarizing with the Coalition.

As part of the objectives of the Coalition there is going to be a civil action to demonstrate against key happenings in the country in the last few months.

ASEPA decided to join this Coalition mainly because of the following reasons.

1.The Menzgold saga and how unfairly government has dealt with customers.

2. The Ayawaso West Wuogon brutalities and the insensitive posture of the President.

3. The latest comments by the President that seem to demean persons living with disabilities.

4. The President’s decision to travel abroad and stay for 10days when the security of thiscountry is in crisis.

5.Finally we believe the recent trend of the President addressing important National issues on facebook is brutally disrespectful to the customs and traditions and also to the people of Ghana.

Just recently,after the chaotic situation at Ayawaso West, we only heard the President of the country, the commander in Chief of the Security Forces speak about it on facebook.

Just yesterday, again after the President heavily goofed by describing people who are complaining about the hardship in the economy as deaf and dumb arousing condemnation from the Ghana Federation of the disabled and Civil Societies, again the President without using the same prominence and platform on which he made those reckless, politically incorrect remarks took to facebook to render a SHAMBOLIC APOLOGY.

This we believe is unacceptable as far as our traditions and customs are concerned as people.
The President has NOT only demonstrated gross disrespect but also gross insensitivity towards the plight of Ghanaians.

We are therefore calling on all supporters of ASEPA across the country,as well as all well meaning Ghanaians, pressure groups, advocacy groups, community groups and the Media to join this

important demonstration to emphasize our displeasure to the President and his government.

For more information and help to join the demonstration, kindly call the Executive Director of ASEPA on 0542 120628 or Call the Convenor Bernard Mornah on 0244749056.
Whatever your displeasures are with this government, kindly come out in your numbers to use this legitimate but make your voice heard.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA.

All CSO’s
All Media Houses

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