The Diocesan Bishop of Methodist Church of Ghana-Kumasi ,Rt. Rev. Christopher Nyarko Andam has emphatically stated that only Technical and Vocational Education Training can eradicate high unemployment canker has been eaten up the country some years now ,if government is focusing and investing much resource in it .

Speaking at 73rd graduation of ceremony of Methodist Women’s Training Center, he said theoretical education aspect produce large number of unemployment graduates but practical ( skill) education produce eligible graduates to fix unemployment crisis and add value to our economy .
“If we would have consider TVET as one of the country’s priority ,I think we would not have struggle up to this time”, he stressed.

According to him,TVET is to create enabling environment for the youth to acquire quality demand-driven TVET employable skills and general education to enable them fulfill the country’s TVET human resource requirements but this is the case the mission behind TVET has been neglected by government.

He appealed to government to be more supportive to the informal sector especially the various agencies and institutions to be able to resource the unskilled youth to acquire trades for sustainable livelihood.

He assured the public ,the church shall continue be backbone of education as well as skills and knowledge is concern.
” we will make sure our TVET graduates are consistently monitored and skills acquired is utilized to benefit the society “,he said.

Meanwhile Mrs.Aretha Addai has also to appealed ministry of education in charge of Technical and Vocational Education Training to support the various TVET institutions financially and start up capitals for TVET graduates.

The school graduated 80 students with accredited COTVET Certificates ,47 for mwtc,33 for voucher students, 27 from the catering department, 14 from the fashion department and 6 from cosmetology department. Baffoe Agyekum

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