In relation to the rescued of the two Canadian kidnapped girls yesterday 12th June,2019 by joint security team has led to the arrest of 10 kidnappers.

But surprisingly one of the kidnappers who was arrested among the 10 people in connection with the kidnapping incident ,one Seidu Yakubu Mba has been allegedly tag as member of NPP Defunct Delta Force.

In a press conference by Members of Defunct Delta Force Of New Patriotic Party ,they emphatically hinted that there was no moment that Seidu Yakubu Mba became a member of NPP Delta force .

According to Mohammed Seidu ,Director of NPP Delta Force revealed that Seidu Yakubu Mba was the one who always organizing and leading mechomen to escort Ibrahim Mahama ,brother of the former President John Dramani Mahama ,anytime he visit Ashanti region.

He also made some Revelation that during a court case involved Ibrahim Mahama and Ashanti regional NPP Chairman Bernard Antwi Boasiko aka Chairman Wontumi ,Seidu Yakubu was the one leading the mecohmen to the court premises while the Delta force rendering protection for Chairman Wontumi and” it is quite surprising to us how a person who does not share in our ideologies be linked to us”.

He said the NDC is using such diversionary tactic and its apologists to escape public humiliation and attacks.
“Seidu remains one of their lead private security guys and loyal to the Mahama’s.Therefore ,it is baffling how the NDC want to turn the narrative and disown their ” Star boy” Seidu MBA at the time he really needs them most.” He disclosed.

He recalled that ,in 2016 general election Seidu Yakubu Mba was NDC polling station officer at New Tafo in the Tafo – Pankrono Constituency Ashanti region.

Mohammed Seidu ,therefore indicates that since Delta is defunct ,their still law abiding as before and they will continue campaign for peace and protect national pride and properties.
” we will not condone any act which is counterproductive to our course “, he assured. Baffoe Agyekum

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