We members of the aforementioned association indeed pleased to be with you here this morning to spend little time of your busy schedules to discuss our concerns and grievance to you. Anlonga- Junction branch was started in 2008 with GPRTU and later joined Concern Transport Union in 2011 following mismanagement.

The association after it formation elected executive body with by-laws to safeguard it operations. We as members based on the association by-laws, the association according to article 10 clause 5 stated that; the association accounts should be audited three times annually. But since its formation the account of the association has not been audited.

Secondly, operations of the account by executives are not privy to members. Few members are being sacked for seeking information about the operations of the account. That notwithstanding, the association has two cars and one of the car was sold without following the associations by-laws raising eyebrows of foul play on the part of the executives demand answers from the executives.

After the association engaged it relationship with Concern Transport Union, there was still leadership and monetary problems and we have to bring in someone of whom we collectively agreed and one Alhaji Ali Issah came in as patron. In his administration, (Ali Issah) supported the association both physical and financially where he bought a vehicle for the association through his able leadership while his house was used as meeting grounds for the association and members of the regional Concern Transport Union is much aware of all these facts.One Alhaji Ali is a big-time contractor and he has no interest in managing transport union but he is only seeking for the auditing of the accounts and welfare of members and when the account is audited and there found no cheques and balances the executives can continue to manage the association. We don’t have problem with any executive member, our problem is to audit the accounts that’s all what we are demanding for”.

Moving forward, in the cause of all these power struggles and failure to audit the account had been reported to the Oforikrom police station, the Zongo police station and to the regional police command seeking for redress from the police but, the executives told the police CID on phone that they will not honour their call.
We want to ask whether there is conflict of interest between the police and the executives, If not, how can individuals look in the face of a whole police command and say no to their call without arrest been made? Again, we don’t want to presume that the police and the regional chairman of the association are in bed with the executives defending the indefensible.

i. Is the police department not being audited annually?

ii. What are the by-laws of Concern Transport Union of TUC say about the association operations?

iii. How much did we have in our account since we joined your association in 2011? All these are legitimate questions we bow to to ask every well-meaning Ghanaian especially the executives. We are running out of patience from the police and we can say with authority that the police in their quest to resolve the issue is been mischievous and we want to reiterate that any negative fallout from this case, Ghanaians should blame the police.

We thus call on authorities, the security top hierarchy, the media to take a key note that when our concerns are not adhered to our demand we will not relent to advise ourselves and the regional police commander on whose desk this case was laid on will have to answer questions for his dormancy.

The continuing criminal operation of the executives restraining members from having access to information about the association is a calculated attempt to deprive the right of members. Members of the media, we are not asking for too much…but we seek to request that:

i. If the association per it constitutional
by-laws which says; the association should be audited three times annually, then our call for the account to be audited by government auditors should be regarded as such.

ii. The selling of the association vehicle by executives should be investigated.
iii. The regional police command should commit to their code of professionalism where their duty is to protect crime and corruption to support our call for the accounts to be audited.

We will not take this lightly hence giving a seven working day ultimatum to the police, the national and regional chairmens whose attention has been drown earlier to act swiftly on our demands if not we will advised ourselves and no one can stop us.
Thank you
Long Live Concern Transport Union of TUC
God bless you all.

Sumalia Ahmidu

Source: Koowaa.com/Kwame Baffoe Agyekum

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