Resideants of Kyekyewere in the Atwima Mponua district of the Ashanti region are accusing the Nkawie Forest Manager Mr Mensah of harassing innocent people in the area.
They say the forest Manager instead of protecting the Forest reserve are exhibiting unprofessional conducts in the discharge of duties by recklessly arresting innocent claiming they are criminals and thieves stealing from the forest reserve.

Following threats by the chief and the people of Kyekyewere community to replace the forest guide with their warriors, the Nkawie Forest manager has deployed more of its personnel to the area to harass innocent people suspecting that, they are criminals.

According to the residents, the Forest guides especially in the working hours rudely approach them while questioning and intimidating them unnecessarily.

Some of the residents told the media the ordeal they had with some of the personnel while returning from their farms. They said they were confronted by some Forest guide who accused them of being robbers planning to steal from the forest reserved.
This the resident said is just some of the numerous ways the guides making their lives unbearable in the area.

Another residents narrated, “on Tuesday afternoon, I was in my farm with my husband when a vehicle drove pass, then immediately I saw the vehicle reverse back to us and about four officers just came out. They walk towards us questioning; what are you doing here! And before I could open my mouth and talk, these guys started slapping me and my husband until I felled unconscious.”

The harassment and intimidation according to residents would not help matters in the current situation they are in.
Although the residents explained they are not preventing the forest Manager and his officers from doing their work, they advised them to be circumspect in their operations and not assault residents at the least provocation.
“We are not suggesting that the Forest guides should not do their work of protecting the forest reserve, but that should be done must be done with some level of professionalism,” he added.
Speaking to the chief in the area Nana Osei Marfo III and the Assembly member Hon Anane Frimpong, they mentioned that, all their farms including their school, toilet, churches and even some of their houses which has been there since their settlement have been considered as forest reserve by this forest guides which they don’t understand.They have therefore called on government and the CEO of forestry commission Sir John to come in and do demarcations so that they can know where to farm and live to make peace prevailed before things get out of handa.

Source: Koowaa.com/Akwadaa Nyame

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