Taxation is essential sources of income every country especially Ghana depend on it to develop its subregions so far as infrastructures is concern.
Before the people can enjoy using good roads, access to health care delivery, education, electricity, portable water ,security etc, unless we pay tax to the government to be able to enjoy all these amenities .
Statistics from Ghana Revenue Authority revealed that 1.2 million people pay tax to cater for 27 million Ghanaians which represent 25%.

Due to the low patronage of most Ghanaians in tax paying ,the District Chief Executive of Afigya Kwabre South Hon. Christian Adu Poku has engaged Local Council Churches from Atimatim suburb of Afigya Kwabre South District Assembly to educate and preach to the entire congregation to pay tax to the Assembly as well as the government as a whole , in other to help facilitate development to the people .
“Most of the people who do not pay taxes are Christians and the Bible also command us to pay tax to the government,so why are we not paying tax to help generate more Internal Generation Fund to develop the district ,because the Central Government cannot provide all our needs to us”, He disclosed.

He said ,Atimatim Community has the largest population compare to the other electoral areas of the Assembly but they fall at bottom of the district revenue collection chart periodically which is unacceptable in terms of mobilizing funds to support the Assembly.

According to him ,the Assembly will continue engage ‘Nananom’,the Clergy, Imams , and the people, especially those at the informer sector on why necessary should one pay tax the government and the Assembly shall make sure anybody who is eligible to tax, must pay at due time.

He therefore called on Ghanaians to join hands in paying tax to support the government in facilitating development at the doorstep of the people.

He made this statement during the Assembly engagement with the various churches in Atimatim Community on Revenue Sensitization program to enlighten the masses on tax contribution.

Source: Koowaa.com/Kwame Baffoe Agyekum

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