Commodity prices stabilize in major markets in Accra

Prices of commodities in various major markets centres in Accra closed at the end of January with mixed reaction, a weekly survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency revealed.

The survey showed that while prices of some foodstuffs were stable from previous week’s trading or marginally higher due to supply variations from the hinterland, other commodities were not available.

At the Agbogbloshie, a small basket of tomato still went for GHȼ 30.00 and a box was sold at GHȼ 400.00, and an Olonka also went at GHȼ 5.00.

A sack of onion dropped to GHȼ 380.00 from the previous price of GHȼ 400.00.

Hundred tubers of ‘pona’ yam (big size) hovered between GHȼ 850.00 and GHȼ 1000.00 whilst the same quantity of ‘pona’ (small size) was pegged at GHȼ 550.00, a tuber (big size) went for GHȼ 10.00 while the small size was sold at GHȼ 6.00.

A sack of cassava was sold between GHȼ 700.00 and GHȼ 800.00 while the small sack was sold at GHȼ 500.00.

However, a sack of a processed cassava (dough) went for GHȼ 550.00 with an ‘olonka’ being traded at GHȼ 12.00.

Some legumes, cereals and grains such as beans, maize, rice and sorghum continued to witness some fluctuations in their prices throughout the week, according to traders Mrs Famanyame Akorli, Mrs Eunice Pobie and Madam Jennifer.

A sack of beans was sold between GHȼ 700.00 and GHȼ 750.00 while an ‘olonka’ went for GHȼ 16.00. A sack of sorghum and millet was also sold between GHȼ 300.00 and GHȼ 400.00.

An ‘olonka’ of sorghum and millet was pegged at GHȼ 9.00. A sack of maize also traded at GHȼ 250.00.

In the Adabraka market, three tubers of yam (small) is GHȼ 10.00 and the big ones goes for GHȼ 17.00; three tubers of cassava is still sold at GHȼ 6.00, other commodity prices remain unchanged.

At the Tudu market; Madam Ramatu Abdulai, a tomato vendor, said a box of tomatoes is pegged between GHȼ 800.00 and GHȼ 1000.00; retail prices tomatoes still sold at GHC20.00 for the small paint bucket size, GHȼ 10.00 for for olonka.

At the Makola market GNA observed significant decrease in prices of   commodities due to the season.

Traders explained that foodstuffs such as plantain, onion, tomatoes and cassava has seen a reduction in its prices because it is in abundance, but the prices of other commodities still remain unchanged for previous weeks.

A sack of onion that was sold at GHȼ 500.00 is now GHȼ 370.00 or GHȼ 380 depending on the size, the price of plantain and cassava have also dropped significantly.

But the price of tomatoes gone up from GHȼ 1,400.00 to GHȼ 1,600.00 for the big box, whilst the small box has also moved from GHȼ 400.00 to GHȼ 700.00.

At the Tema Station in Accra Central, traders attributed the high prices of cassava and plantain to dry weather condition; bunch of ripe plantains was sold at GHȼ 10.00; four pieces at GHȼ 5.00 and a bunch of unripe plantains was GHȼ 30.00.

At the Kaneshie Market Complex, the prices of beans big size sack was pegged at GHȼ 600.00 and small sack GHȼ 280.00; a sack of onions is GHȼ 400.00; and Olonka goes for GHȼ 20.00; a sack of groundnuts goes for GHȼ 600.00; olonka pegged at GHȼ 15.00; Cassava big sack goes between GHȼ 100.00 and GHȼ 150.00 and small sack between GHȼ 80.00 and GHȼ 100.00.

A big box tomatoes which was pegged at GHȼ 1000 is now sold at GHȼ 450.00; the small box have dropped from GHȼ 450.00 to GHȼ 250.00; a big sack of maize which used to be sold at GHȼ 250.00 is now sold between GHC280.00 and GHȼ 300.00 and the small sack moved from GHȼ 200.00 to GHȼ 250.00.

At the Teshie and New Ogbojo market a sack of cassava GHȼ 100.00; a sack of Gari goes for GHȼ 350.00 and a box of tomatoes goes for GHȼ 450.00, small bucket pegged at GHȼ 70.00.

The GNA observed that at the Odorkor market, the prices of major commodities remain unchanged as onion, tomatoes and plantain are in season forcing the price to go down.

According to the traders the price of plantain would remain low April where it finally becomes scarce and that is when its price takes a hike. Cassava is however scarce due to the dry season.

At the Tuesday market, a sack of millet is sold between GHȼ 240.00 and GHȼ 250.00; a sack of Groundnut sold between GHȼ 800.00 and GHȼ 700.00; and a sack of beans goes for GHȼ 400.00.

At Ashaiman market, GNA observed that the price of tomatoes has dropped sharply from GHȼ 800.00 in December to GHȼ 400.00; a bunch of plantain is sold between GHȼ 30.00 and GHȼ 50.00 depending on their size.

Other markets visited includes the Madina, Kantomanto, Dansoman, Mallam Atta Market at Accra New Town, and Nima.


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