Justice for Action and Truth pressure group called on Ghanaians to banish John Dramani Mahama the former President of the Republic of Ghana in the ticket of National Democratic Congress from the country because he is not patriotic and loyal to the people of the black land Ghana.His attitude as season politician does not grant him the permit live in Ghana.

According to Mr. Kwasi Marfo who is in charge of Public Affairs Directorate of JAT, the former president has damaged the reputation of the Country Ghana to foreign diplomats after showed them multiple videos of the barbaric attacks, gun violence, unrepentant admissions of responsibility by a minister of State at the Presidency, Bryan Acheampong and videos of previous outings of the npp government vigilante groups ,Delta force and invisible force.

But just recently in Ashanti region NDC headquarters vigilante group within the party called the Hawks shot one dead and one hospitalized ,in which Ghanaians expect the former president to show that video to same foreign diplomats about what happened in his own party but refused.

He said the former president is hypocrite,trailor, betrayer and he therefore auctioned the country to foreign diplomats in cheapest price without knowing, he want to be a leader in the future.

He added that the Former President John Dramani Mahama does not deserve Ghanaians recognition any more because he did not utter like a Statesman but rather act as a rebel against his own home.

He said the attitude of the former president is unbearable in the country and he needs to be up and doing statesman in other to use his fame as former president to change the face of the country at the international level rather than painting the country black to diplomats ,because of power sharing.

He therefore urged the H.E the Former President John Dramani Mahama to consider himself as matured politician and role model to the youth”,he should be mindful about his utterances whenever he is in the midst of foreign diplomats.”

Sources Baffoe Agyekum

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