H.E. President Akuffo Addo’s planned visit to Atebubu the Municipal capital of the Atebubu- Amantin Municipality in the Bono East region is a complete waste of the tax payers money.

The NDC Communication in the Atebubu – Amantin Municipality have noted the deliberate lies,and distortion of facts in a book titled ” 2 Years of Unprecedented Achievements of Nana Addo Administration in Atebubu- Amantin Municipality ” published by the Municipal Chief Executive – Hon Edward Owusu.

Hon Edward Owusu has informed the people of Atebubu and its environs that, H. E. Pres. Akuffo Addo is scheduled to visit Atebubu on Sunday 14th of April, 2019 as part of his duty tour of the Bono East Region.

H. E. will use the opportunity to commission their “supposedly fully funded and completed projects” in the municipality and we wish to set the records straight on the lies and distortions captured in the book.

Almost all the projects that will be commissioned by H.E. Pres Akufo Addo were projects that were executed during Former President John Dramani Mahama’s and DCEs Hon Sanja Nanja and Hon Samson Owusu Boateng administration.

It is so sad on the part of we the residents of Atebubu-Amanten that, the MCE, Hon Edward Owusu cannot unveil a single completed project for the President to commission as expected of him but has resulted in borrowing NDC Projects for Pres. Akuffo Addo to come and commission.

In a statement by the Minister for Information ,Hon Kojo Oppong Nkrumah he misled and deceived the unsuspecting Ghanaian public that, the president will use the opportunity to commission a new office complex for the NHIA in the Municipality for which Internally Generated Fund (IGF- Fund)was used to construct the project, which is a palpable lie and a fallacy.
The said NHIS Office Complex was moved from the foundation level through the sub- structure, super-structure, roofing, plastering and fully wired by the NDC 1 & 2 administration using Common fund(C.F) and District Development fund(DDF) as major source of funding. The project was 95% complete when NDC Government handed over in 2017 with Hon Sanja Nanja and Hon Samson Owusu Boateng both former DCEs in the NDC 1&2 administration playing a major role in the execution of the project.

So how can 5% IGF Support which only did painting, tiles, fixing of doors and furnishing take credit for 95% fully funded C.F & DDF Projects.

If any credit should be given at all, it must be given to the previous NDC administration.

Secondly, He also made mention of some CHPs compounds he claimed to be part of projects exe uted by his administration.

Some of these Health projects are Yaw Tuffour ,Dobidi Nkwanta and Sanwakye CHPs Compound among others which are all NDC executed projects.

Hon MCE should henceforth stop throwing dust into the eyes of the unsuspecting public as we are prepared to match him “boot for boot” and expose him as a” 419 MCE ” to the residence of Atebubu- Amantin Municipality and Ghanaians in general.

We the NDC Cpmmunication team in the Atebubu -Amanten Constituency will resist any attempt by the NPP Administration lead by Pres. Akuffo Addo and Hon Edward Owusu to appropriate some of our unprecedented projects as their initiatives and baby.

We are again daring the MCE to as a matter of urgency publish the total amount of money that the municipal realized from the central government( C.F DDF, GETfund, NHIA Fund among others) as well as the Internally generated fund (IGF) (2017-2019) and the projects that he has initiated and executed with such public funds upon his assumption of office as the Chief Executive for the Municipality.

The MCE should endeavor to also account for the usage of the $1 million per constituency fund he informed us he has received and what projects and amounts received so far.

Atebubu Amanten deserve decent classroom blocks, furniture, textbooks, portable drinking water, well equipped health centers and not building a ward at the Atebubu government hospital n finishing it with inferior beds.

Lastly we wish to remind the President and his MCE that, the Municipality is made up of 2 major traditional areas- Atebubu and Amantin traditional areas but how come almost all the projects he is scheduled to commission on Sunday ate in Atebubu but not Amantin?

Atebubu- Amantin deserve better and not this Nana Addo and Edward Owusu Painty and commission projects.

Bukari Hamidu aka Alhaji
Constitiency Communication Officer
NDC Atebubu -Amantin

Source: Koowaa.com/Kwame Baffoe Agyekum

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