Akua Donkor robbers jailed 60 years

There was drama in court when one of the robbers of Madam Akua Donkor, the Founder of the Ghana Freedom Party, pushed her away in court.

Soon after the court had handed down 20 years jail term each on the convicts, Madam Donkor took the lead and Yakubu Yusif one of the robbers pushed her away as he got closer to her.

She nearly fell in the court room.

Madam Donkor was, therefore, sandwiched by the Police in the court room and escorted out of the room and the court premises.

Yusif, a Trader, Barnabas Kayase, a Driver and Abdul Razak Shaibu of the GPRTU Task Force, reportedly robbed Madam Donkor of her travelling bag containing plane ticket, Ghanaian passport, Voter’s ID, an amount of $30,000 and GH¢3,000.00 at Sowutuom in Accra.

They were found guilty on the charges of conspiracy to rob and robbery by the court presided over by Mr Aboagye Tandoh.

Relations shed tears as the robbers were escorted into a vehicle to begin their sentences.

Mr Opoku Agyemang, an accomplice, was however acquitted and discharged by the court following the filing of a submission of no case.

Handing down the sentence, the trial judge, Mr Tandoh, stated that the court took into consideration the plea for mitigation  and the fact that part of the stolen money were retrieved.

According to the court the sentence was also to serve as deterrent to people who may venture into robbery and urged the public to beware of people around them.

To Madam, Akua Donkor, the court said if there was anything that she should fear; it should not be political leaders but those that she had surrounded herself with.

Mr Kwame Gyamfi, one of the defense counsels, earlier prayed the court to see the convicts as first time offenders and the fact that they had been remorseful throughout the trial.

According to Mr Gyamfi, Shaibu for example was married with kids and his wife had always been weeping.

He further drew the court’s attention to the fact that part of the money had been retrieved.

The facts of the case as presented by Chief Superintendent of Police Duuti Tuaruka were that the Complainant, Madam Akua Donkor, Founder and Leader of the GFP resides in Ayikuma, Accra, while Yakubu is a Trader and the Central Regional Chairman of the GFP, Barnabas is a Driver and Secretary of the same Party and resides at Kotobabi.

He said Opoku is a trader at Taifa and Abdul Razak is also a member of the GPRTU Task Force, Odorkor branch, while their accomplices Joe and Nuamah are now at large.

He said Yakubu and Barnabas had information that the complainant had in her possession US$30,000 which she intended to travel with, so they agreed with the other accused persons to rob her of the said amount.

He said Opoku called the complainant to meet him in his house at Taifa for some discussions, so she went together with Yakubu and Barnabas.

At the house, Barnabas demanded that the complainant pay an amount of GH¢20,000.00 to him or else he would prevent her from travelling while Opoku also demanded that she hand over her car keys to him all of which she declined resulting in a misunderstanding between them.

According to the prosecution, the three accused persons then secretly planned to contract some armed robbers to kill the complainant so that they could share her properties including cars, and the amount she brought to Opoku’s house.

Chief Superintendent of Police Tuaruka said thereafter Yakubu and Barnabas called Abdul Razak on phone to arrange for Joe and Nuamah to carry out the operation.

He said on December 30, last year, at about 0230 hours, complainant together with Yakubu and Barnabas on board her vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero from Taifa set off to Kotoka International Airport to catch a flight to the United States of America.

He told the court that the complainant decided to pass home and on reaching Sowutuom immediately after Agbeve Herbal Clinic area, Opoku called Barnabas to find out where they had reached whiles Abdul Razak, and the accomplices at large waited to execute their agenda.

Soon, the three armed with guns on an unregistered motorbike, appeared behind the vehicle and as soon as Barnabas spotted them, he reduced the speed showing double hazard traffic indicator that the complainant was in the car and subsequently stopped.

He said soon as the car stopped the armed men attacked the complainant with guns and demanded that she surrenders all the US Dollars on her or she would be killed, but she declined.

The prosecution said the accused person dragged the complainant from the vehicle and snatched her travelling bag containing the above-listed items and escaped.

He told the court that a report was made to the police and Yakubu, Barnabas and Opoku were arrested and during interrogation, Barnabas informed the police that they did agree to organise some robbers to rob the complainant at gunpoint.

Chief Superintendent of Police Tuaruka said on December 31, 2016, Abdul Razak was arrested when he was called by Yakubu to come for his share of the booty.

When he was searched an amount of US$4,900 was retrieved from him, and he admitted the offence mentioning Joe and Nuamah as his accomplices.

The prosecution said Abdul Razak stated that after the operation, they shared all the money and threw the bag in a nearby bush at Anyaa.

He said Abdul Razak later led the police to retrieve the bag together with a vehicle which was used by him.


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