The Electoral Commission have revealed that 2018 referendum was a big victory of rejected ballots. However, according to them, in the referendum. the percentage of rejected ballots was as low as 0.26%. a dramatic reduction from 2016 figure of 1.54%. This did not just happen. They believe it was an indication of how effective public education was carried out before the election.

Electoral Commission and NCCE collaborated
effectively to educate the voters and this resulted in the reduction of improvement, it will not be out of place for us to claim the credit.

The Engaged for the referendum, all election officials were given election fnicials Jackets at the polling station just before the commencement of voting and were taken back immediately after the results had been
declared at the polling station.

At a polling station, they insisted that the jackets should be worn throughout the voting period for security and identification reason all the coordinators and officers who monitored the voting have Confirmed that this directive was strictly complied with.

Again, these officials were not recruited on line. The Returning Officers (ROs) and the technicians in conjunction with the District Electoral Officers (DEOs) personally recruited and trained all the polling officials.

According to Mr. Samuel Tettey , Deputy Commissioner in charge of Operation, the Returning officers handed the election materials to the official personally. They also went round for monitoring and had personal
Interactions with these election officials on the voting day.

Finally, the election officials submitted the election results and materials back to the Returning Officers after everything
was over, With this number of interactions, the Returning Officers could have identified the faces of the people involved if they were really the staff of EC.

H said , the referendum was deemed as the destiny of the voters being placed in their own hands because they believed the creation of the regions would bring about speedy development and thought that this was an opportunity which should not be missed.

The Commission would like to point out that though the application of the manual verification is legal: the increased numbers recorded under this procedure is an irregularity. However. it was not widespread and systematic hence fraud or criminality cannot be attributed as a conclusion.

Another issue raised was ‘unusually high voter turnout at national level, the average voter
was claimed in the allegations at the level campaign. turnout was 80.9% but not 97%,” Mr. Tettey disclosed.

Thev80. 9% was not the highest but among the highest ever recorded in the fourth republic. The fact that there has not been any past-election dispute shows that the results were incontrovertible.

He explained that 4,000 polling stations had their materials in time and in the right quantities. All the polling stations were able to go through the voting process within the stipulated time frame with voters exercising their franchise in a free environment.

Mr. Samuel Tettey , adding that the results were declared with in 24 hours after the close of pool which was also unprecedented in national elections.

Sources : Koowaa.com/Kwame Baffoe Agyekum

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